Elvis, the Mob, and Other Spirited Diners at The Golden Steer Las Vegas

The Golden Steer Restaurant is the oldest steakhouse in Las Vegas, and you can still eat at this historic and delicious restaurant today. It is located just off the main strip in what is also the oldest strip mall in town.


This classic steakhouse is a small and relatively unknown slice of Vegas history. The restaurant has hosted members of the mob, Elvis, OJ, Mohammed Ali and dozens of other celebrities. There are a million stories! I visited with one of the waitresses, who shared some of the restaurant’s history with me, as well as some theories about who might be haunting the place. Watch our interview with the hostess of the Golden Steer in this facebook live video to hear more about the haunted history of the restaurant, and recent investigations.

Some of the more interesting facts about this place:

  • Elvis was a regular customer
  • There was a secret back door for members of the mob
  • OJ Simpson dined here with a dozen friends the night before the end of his trial
  • Sammy Davis Jr and the rest of the Rat Pack, made this place their home

If you visit today, you will find booths named for the celebrities that frequented them (many had their own designated spots to sit) and walls lined with photos.


Expect old school professional waiters in ties and a retro ambience, plus truly great steaks. There is a wide variety to the cuts you can order and many sides that are mostly served family-style. Their old school Caesar Salad is a must. If you are considering dessert, you cannot go wrong ordering the Cherries Jubilee or Bananas Foster. Flaming desserts are always a win.

To get a better idea of what you might order at the Golden Steer, and to make reservations, visit the Golden Steer’s website.

photo credit: The Golden Steer