A Haunted Hollywood Encounter

Season 1 Episode 17

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Here’s a haunted Hollywood story that took place in a few years ago – at the Hollywood Museum to be specific!

Mother’s Day, Max Factor, Mommy Dearest and a film crew… Welcome to haunted Hollywood. It was the perfect storm for an angry spirit who was ready for her close-up, and just didn’t feel like she was getting her due.

A local television show offered  Sugar Jones and her family the chance to be taped at the Hollywood Museum for an upcoming episode. The catch – they would be filming her on Mother’s day  Most people would want to spend Mother’s Day at the Hollywood Museum. But Sugar is not like many people.

Sugar is adventurous and curious and loves historical places like the Hollywood Museum. She packed up the family and headed to the museum to spend the day with her kids and a film crew.

The museum is located in Max Factor’s former building. Inside the museum you can see Max Factor’s star. The museum also features the rooms where celebrities used to go to have their makeup done, prior to the Oscars. One room is designated for the blondes only, and another one is for the brunettes.

Things began to get weird the moment they walked into the rooms. They all speculated that perhaps there was a ghost…  Then things got weirder!

There’s no question that the Hollywood Museum is a place that holds a lot of history. Countless celebrities have passed through this building. For many of them, the time they spent here was highly charged and meaningful. Picture an Academy Award nominee, on the eve of the awards ceremony, just waiting to hear their name called.  Nerves were high.  Some of that tension and the old rivalries might still remain, phantom energy, buzzing in the air.

The Hollywood Museum  hosts the most extensive collection of Hollywood memorabilia in the world. With four floors of exhibits, the museum is home to more than 10,000 authentic show biz treasures– one of a kind costumes, props, photographs, scripts, stars’ car collections and personal artifacts, posters, and vintage memorabilia from favorite films and TV shows.

If you believe that objects are charged with the energy of their former owners, then it should come as no surprise to you that even when the Hollywood Museum is closed, it’s still full of life. 

Yet Sugar and the film crew were completely taken aback by what they experienced that morning.

After a lot of argument about which female celeb might be responsible for the mayhem, the entire team thought they had a pretty good idea who it was.  Nervously, they wrapped up for the day. The episode never aired.

Sugar still doesn’t have an explanation for any of the supernatural, ghostly things she witnessed that day at the Hollywood Museum. This sort of thing isn’t entirely unusual for Sugar, however. It’s not the first time she has experienced “extra” feelings while traveling.

Stay tuned for the entire episode as Sugar and I discuss some of the other out of this world travel experiences we have had.

If you are interested in visiting the Hollywood Museum, you can find hours, location and more info on their website.