Magical Mystical Ireland: Thin Places & Haunted Castles

Season 1 Episode 18

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From haunted castles to standing stones, one trip to Ireland is never enough to discover all the magical, mystical things this country has to offer.

Ireland is one of the most magical places in the world

This week’s guest is Jody Halstead. Jody Halsted has been traveling across Ireland for over a decade with her own family, discovering the most family friendly sites and activities on the tourist trail and off. Dedicated to Ireland family travel, her website Ireland Family Vacations, provides exceptional advice for a magical Ireland vacation.

I was first exposed to Jody’s broad knowledge of Ireland when she helped us plan our trip to Malahide castle in 2016.  Last year she introduced our family to Funghi the world famous Dolphin, on the Dingle peninsula. Both experiences were magical and unforgettable.

Headed to Ireland? Slow down and take your time.

One thing that Jody and I can agree upon, is that Ireland is a place that cannot be rushed. There’s so many magical places to see and things to do here, that it is impossible to do it all in one trip. The best way to see Ireland is via slow travel. One area at a time.

But where to start!?  No question for me. Like many travelers, I’m naturally drawn to the magical places. History, ancient mysteries and a bit of controversy…

There are many of these types of spots in Ireland that are well know. But there are even more that you’ve probably never heard of. Just waiting to be explored!  You can’t travel a mile in Ireland without crashing into a legend, or stumbling over the ruins of an ancient structure. It can be quite overwhelming at times, when the sense of history runs away with your imagination. It’s entirely possible to believe that you are hearing more than just the whispering of the wind.

Sacred spots have a special energy. In Ireland, these arecalled “thin places” 

This episode of Supernatural Travel Tales is dedicated to the “Thin places”. Thin places are the sites where the boundaries between the seen and unseen world feels a little less sturdy. Maybe it’s the sense of history, or the energy of past events, or maybe it’s something more. 

I could talk with Jody for hours and hours about all the magical, mystical things to do and see in Ireland.

We cover a lot of territory in this episode discussing everything from ancient ruins and battlefields, to filming locations for Game of Thrones and Vikings. But we didn’t cover everything!

We’ll be back again. Ireland is too magical to cover in a single episode

We didn’t have a chance to talk about the wee folk, legends of leprechauns and fairies.  That’s ok. This just means we will have to have Jody back again. One trip to Ireland is never enough, nor is one episode nearly enough. 

If you weren’t already planning a trip to Ireland, you might want to visit after hearing some of the stories on this episode.

For families looking for a perfectly tailored Ireland vacation, Jody offers Ireland vacation coaching, working with your family to help you choose the perfect lodging, destinations, and activities to fit your budget, interests, and expectations.

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