Ghostbusters and Paranormal Lockdowns in The OC

Season 1 Episode 19

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You might be surprised to learn that Southern California is teeming with paranormal activity! Today’s guest is Cris August, the director and lead investigator of OC Ghosts and Legends.

OC Ghosts and Legends brings in their team of experts to investigate paranormal occurances all over Orange County and beyond. They specialize in lesser known hauntings, and are available to investigate when things go bump in the night.

If you’ve even wondered what it’s like to hang out with a team of Ghost busters, this is the episode for you!


Cris and I spoke frankly about the type of equipment  they use to measure paranormal activity, some of the stranger things he’s seen on location, and what it feels like to spend the night with him and his team on one of their lockdown investigations.

I was really surprised to hear how open minded, yet skeptical Cris is!

Initially I wasn’t sure that I approved of the idea of paranormal investigations. First of all, I hate the idea of “baiting” and hunting spirits – and possibly bad ones. I just think when you start lifting up rocks, you’re bound to find creepy things. That’s not the kind of spirit world experiences I’m really into.

I also have to wonder whether it’s actually possible to use science to measure an experience that is largely emotional.


There’s no accurate detection device for measuring the way things make us feel. I recently heard a quote that said trying to explain these sorts of experiences with science, is like trying to pick up wood with a magnet.

But who knows…

Much of what we experience as hauntings, spirit etc, does seem to have a strong energy component – be it temp changes, electrical disturbances, magnetic anomalies. I can’t rule it out. I guess at the end of the day, or night, we all just want things to make sense.

After this interview Cris reported back to me that his most recent lockdown event was a success. They have several more events planned for this fall.

“While we don’t have the official dates sorted out, we are working on announcing our next Double LOCKDOWN event in San Diego, CA aboard the Star of India & Steam Ferry Berkeley, likely to take place early October. We of course are getting into high gear for our signature San Juan Capistrano ghost walks as well as our Black Star Canyon Ghost Walks.”

You can check out OC Ghosts and Legends on their website or facebook page .

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