Supernatural Travel Tales Podcast

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Welcome to the Supernatural Travel Tales Podcast. We’re checking our baggage and adventuring beyond the bucket list. We can’t wait to talk about transformational travel.

Think, ghost filled castles, shamanic healing rituals, guardian angels, natural wonders, ancient ruins, incredible coincidences, chance encounters and that unmistakably familiar feeling of visiting somewhere you might have lived in a past life…  

These are the experiences that change you. And why shouldn’t travel transform us? We are at our most open when we leave hope, and set off in search of the unknown. Sometimes the universe really delivers!

Some of the episodes you’ll hear on this podcast will involve first hand accounts of travel experiences, and others are conversations with experts.

No matter what you believe, if you love travel and a good story, you’re not going to want to miss an episode, so be sure to subscribe and check back here to learn even more about the people, places and experiences we’re chatting about on the show.

Got a tale to to tell? We’re always looking for guests with a good Supernatural Travel Tales story.

When the going gets interesting, I totally want to hear about it.