Boondoggles, Quicksand and an Abandoned Motel – Kooky, Spooky San Bernadino County Haunts

Season 1 Episode 20

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Buckle up!  We’re taking a metaphysical road trip this week, right in my own backyard.

We’ll be exploring San Bernadino County’s weirdest, wildest and most haunted places to visit with my friend and colleague, Sienna Spencer Markles.

Iconic Cali road trips make for the best instagram photo ops.

Pack your cameras. From Route 66 road markers to decrepit and ironic billboards, this episode is packed with spirits and amazing shots you won’t want to miss.

My guest, Sienna Spencer-Markles was born and raised in Southern California.  She’s been the Tourism Public Relations Manager for McCue Communications for almost a decade.

This means that Sienna gets to talk about fun places to visit all the time.  

Sienna works with San Bernardino County Tourism to promote the region from the mountains to the deserts along the famous Route 66.  

San Bernadino County is huge. It stretches from the mountains of Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear to the deserts of Joshua Tree and the Mojave all the way to the Colorado River and the Nevada/Arizona borders. It’s not only the largest county in California, it is the largest county in the entire country. Diverse in landscape and attractions, this county is full of surprises both natural and SUPERnatural.  If you know where to look…

If you’ve ever driven from So Cal to Vegas, you probably noticed the sign announcing that you’re in Zzyzxx.

For anyone who ever wondered how this oddly named town came to be, you’re in for a treat. Sienna shares some insight into the strange things that happened here and, lets us know what’s left behind today. Look out for quicksand and blue orbs!

Welcome to the Motel California?

If you’re seeking spooky photo ops, Bates Motel style, then you must check out Roy’s.  This decaying motel in the town of Amboy is frozen in time and the inspiration for the motel in the movie “Cars”. You’ll hear more about Roys and the nearby Amboy crater in this episode.

But wait there’s even more to explore in San Bernadino!

Check out Joshua Tree’s jaw dropping scenery, spirits, legends and opportunities to participate in healing rituals. You’ll want to stop at the Integratron, which has a fascinating history. Nowadays you can experience a sound bath in this round, space ship like structure. We will tell you what that experience is like.

Gangsters and Mob Molls in the Mountains…

Up in the mountains near Lake Arrowhead we visit the notoriously haunted Bracken Fern manor  and Tudor house. This haunted event space was also discussed in last week’s episode on paranormal lockdowns.  The two buildings are connected by underground tunnels that were utilized during prohibition. It’s rumored that Bugsy Siegal used the property for illegal gambling and drinking parties during this era.

Besides all that,  there’s the original inspiration for Knott’s Berry Farm,  the Calico Ghost Town.

I can’t wait to hit the road and go explore San Bernadino County this fall. Stay tuned for a custom itinerary and road trip reporting.  Will we see any ghosts or spirits?

Got any Supernatural Travel tales about San Bernadino or beyond to share with me? Don’t be a stranger.

When the going gets interesting, I totally want to hear about it!