Travel Horoscope November 2018

Planning and setting out on a trip is exciting. There are so many unknowns. It can’t hurt to look to the stars for a little advice. Did you know that there are timely Supernatural Travel Travelscopes included at the end of each podcast episode?

Don’t have time to listen? Here’s a peek at November’s Travelscope!

Sagittarius – don’t overdo it at the buffet. There’s abundance in your life right now and the FOMO is strong, but you don’t have to try it all. Quality over quantity.

Capricorn brace yourself for a blast from the past. It may have been a decade or longer but when this person crosses your path, it will feel like it was just yesterday

Aquarius time to up your cause game. Attend a rally or sign up for a march. You can be the change

Pisces you can only go with the flow so far, Eventually you’re going to have to set some boundaries. Don’t let yourself get carried away by someone else’s agenda.

Aries Trust issues make travel tricky for the best of us. It’s extra important that you choose travel companions that you can rely on to be considerate, there for you, and uplifting. Choose carefully or you may not achieve that liftoff you are looking for.

Taurus speak up and make your needs known. You have to order the special meal in advance. And if you want to get a seat change, you have to ask. Suffering through an uncomfortable situation just isn’t your thing, and that’s ok.

Gemini – get your travel kit out and get it ready. This week is a great time to restock the travel size shampoos, and make sure you have everything you need, ready to grab when adventure comes knocking.

Cancers should  do some essential travel homework this week. Make some backup copies of all your credit cards and passport to keep in a file. You might not ever need it, but. It’s good to be prepared

Leo why so touchy? Thorn in your paw? It’s really not as bad as you think it is. Don’t let your imagination run wild or people will think you are paranoid.

Virgo, Chicken or Fish? Come on already! Decide! It’s just dinner. You don’t have to labor over every choice.

Libra – get lost in your own backyard this week. It’s amazing what there is to do, right under your nose.  Everyone should play tourist at home sometimes

Scorpio – luck is on your side right now. Vegas baby!