Truth or Dare Supernatural Travel Style

Season 1 Episode 25

Haunted hotels, ghostly tours and aura readings…  Have you tried any of these experiences? In this episode 25 we discuss 10 of the ways we challenge ourselves as travelers.

Traveling “Beyond the Bucket List” is becoming increasingly popular.

People want to try new things when they travel. For some people, this means sampling a local delicacy. Other people enjoy listening to local musicians. Still others use their time in a new location as a chance to dive into local culture. This might include a foray into local/alternative spirits, history, legends and spirituality.

Ghost tours are an easy way for tourists to quickly connect with an area’s history. Hearing local legends brings history to life.

Ghost tours in a historic location can be a lot of fun.  These tours encourage you to use your imagination to act out and/or “feel” what it might have been like to have lived there in the past.

Some cities have tours that involve elaborate sets and actors that transport you to another era. Other locations simply challenge you to use your imagination.  Employ your “sixth sense”,  if you dare!

Palm readers and fortune tellers have long peddled their magical trade in tourist destinations. People are more open minded and free when they are on vacation.

Fate and destiny seem somehow closer when we step outside the comfort of routine. Away from the daily grind, travelers are free to indulge in more colorful thoughts and daydreams about the future. “What ifs” and maybe’s bloom alongside gardens and colorful sunsets.

Vacation time is a popular time for people to seek alternative possibilities for their lives. Inspiration and decisions made on vacation can be transformational. Fortune tellers  act as fate counsellors. They provide a peek into the future – a possible outcome, a warning or a reassurance.  Whether or not you believe in their insights, you can benefit from their ability to provoke your thoughts.

Tourism options are booming for travel to areas that specialize in spiritually transformational experiences. 

Deeply transformational experiences are occasionally  the main focus when traveling. Many travelers take time off to pursue dramatic life changing rituals including the use of drugs like Iowaska. These experiences are intended to inspire and to reveal the seekers true path.

Supernatural Travel experiences are not a new concept. For thousands of years,  humans have traveled to locations imbued with magical qualities and/or religious significance. They travel for rituals, for miracles, healing, and personal epiphanies. For many, the inward journey is just as important, if not more important, than the outward one.

Or as the old saying goes, “It’s not the destination, but the journey.”

Ultimately we leave the familiar, in order to understand more about ourselves.

Past episodes of the Supernatural Travel podcast have included conversations with experts on Supernatural travel concepts like aura reading and past life regression therapy. Today we chat more about our own personal experiences.

Want to hear what happened when I stayed in a haunted hotel with “Brian the Skeptic”?  Curious about what my Supernatural Travel Experience boundaries are? Think we’d make good travel companions?

In no particular order, here are the Supernatural Travel experiences we discuss in today’s episode:

  1. Ghost Tours
  2. Cemetery Visits
  3. Palm Reading
  4. Fortune Teller
  5. Haunted Hotel
  6. Aura Reading
  7. Past Life Regression
  8. Healing Ceremonies
  9. Meeting with a Medium/ Seance
  10. Shamanic ceremonies/Iowaska Rituals

Tune into the latest episode of Supernatural Travel Tales to find out more! Make sure to listen to the end for this week’s Travelscope with Stella Campofiore!