What Color is Your Aura on Vacation?

Supernatural Travel Tale S1E16

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The line outside the tiny white dome seemed endless. Hundreds of women, waiting patiently for the chance to take a metaphysical selfie courtesy of Radiant Human. In just a few minutes they would finally learn the answer to the burning question: What color is your aura?

It was possibly one of the most creative and unusual sponsor “perks” I’ve seen at a women’s writing conference. Clever also. Throughout the entire conference, the long line never waned or abated.  When it comes to understanding ourselves, it seems we are all avidly curious.

Radiant Human is not the first photography set up to photograph human auras, but Christina Lonsdale’s project marries art and metaphysics in a long term, traveling experiment that has now captured over 30,000 people.  Regrettably, I am not one of them, as I have no patience with long lines. I wonder if that is something that would show up in my aura.

Auras are definitely something that have long piqued my curiosity. I feel like I can almost see them at times, if I tilt my head and squint just right. Like a force field, or comic book mist around certain people.

Last year I was sitting (couch testing) in a Restoration Hardware store in Newport Beach. I had just settled on a spaceship sized white sofa when a hipster bearded and mustachioed man came running over to me excitedly.

“You’re psychic, aren’t you?!” he exclaimed. “I just have to talk to you because, you know, you have this intense bright blue aura…”

My family, also scattered on the sofa, rolled their eyes at me AND at him.

“Oh boy,” they laughed, “Here we go….”

The funniest part was that HIS family, scattered on the adjacent sofa, pulled the same faces and rolled their eyes in a similar fashion. His partner commiserated with my kids.

“Yeah, he does this… ” he said.

“Don’t encourage her,” said mine.

All in all it was a lovely encounter. We traded cards and I promptly and regrettably lost his.

When I conceived of my Supernatural Travel Tales Podcast I knew immediately that I would want to talk with Christina Lonsdale. I had so many questions about the way she was gathering these metaphysical portraits, the nature of her art – soul selfies?

Also I wanted to ask her travel questions. It occurred to as a traveling artist, she was uniquely positioned to track things like regional auras (ie: are there any colors that predominate in certain areas) and whether traveling to these areas literally “color” our energy.

I’m still curious about the way that travel affects us, physically, mentally and metaphysically. I cannot help but believe that our travels do change us in ways that are easily observable and likely more ways that are harder to image, or see – magical cameras aside.

Recently I traveled to an area that for me, was full of “bad energy”. It was so hard to explain and I almost felt bad trying to put it to words. There were plenty of nice people there. There were fun things to do. There was good food, and sunshine. And yet I felt it like an oppressive force, dragging me down. Maybe my bright blue aura was getting a little muddy, dragging in the spiritual gutter there. I felt that energy settle around me like a funk. Surely I lost my glow.

The funny thing is that a few others I spoke with felt it to. And then still others, did not.

I cannot say I have any answers after this interview but it was a fun one. I learned a little bit more about how auras are imaged and the role of the artist vs the healer, when approaching this practice.

Healing is often a self driven practice, and I think that capturing a metaphysical selfie is a great first step for many. Who’s to say what should drive introspection.

I will say this – I should have waited in the line. I mean, I might be bright blue in person, but who knows what the camera would show?

You can read more about Christina Lonsdale and see the cities where she is offering her services on her  Radiant Human website. Keep an eye out for her book, coming soon!