The Abandoned Hotel and Spa Adler, Sharon Springs New York

The abandoned hotel Adler in Sharon Springs New York

The abandoned Hotel Adler in Sharon Springs New York, has been closed since 2004. This hotel & spa resort, built in the late 1920’s, experienced its heydey as a Catskills getaway during the 60’s and 70’s.

The property catered to a Jewish clientele, seeking to escape the heat of the summer. There were group meals and theater performances, activities and the opportunity to soak away your troubles in nearby mineral baths. ¬†For many of the guests from the “old country” this must have been a very welcome, familiar type of escape.

When the hotel closed it was left “as is” and much of the furniture still remains inside the building. There are most certainly squatters, and reportedly, ghosts. Just walking across the driveway, you will experience a decidedly “Stephen King” like feeling.

I visited in July 2015 and snapped this photo before hopping into my car and racing away with goosebumps to spare. I had the sensation of many onlookers, hanging out the windows and calling to me.

“Come in and talk to us! Keep us company!” they beckoned.

For years I have been dying to go inside and photograph this abandoned hotel but I am rarely on the east coast and have not had the opportunity. I was delighted to find that the Explorographer has already been there and shot that, and while I still wish to brave it with my own equipment, his excellent shots inside the Hotel Adler will have to assuage my curiosity for the time being.