In California, Guardian Angels Drive Convertibles

Supernatural Travel Tales S1E5


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Have you ever wondered what your guardian angel might look like? Photographer Tracey Clark doesn’t have to wonder.

Tracey’s angel was a gorgeous, “glowing”, older woman. She appeared to be in her 60’s or 70’s. Her silver-white hair was perfectly coiffed in a gorgeous updo. She was sitting in beautiful classic convertible. They were stopped at a traffic light, side by side.

The angel was just to the left of Tracey.

“Wow! She’s rad!”  Tracey thought. And then, for no reason in particular, she thought “Oh yeah, I’ll put on my seatbelt.”

It was a random thought for her. This was during the early 90s. Seatbelt laws were not a thing. Wearing a seatbelt was still voluntary for most people and very unusual for Tracey. She wasn’t in the habit of buckling up. But on this day, at this traffic light, after looking across at this woman, she buckled up.

And that made all the difference in the world for her.

Tracey was back in her own backyard, home for Thanksgiving when this story happened. She wasn’t thinking about Angels or travel plans, so much as dinner. She was was pre-occupied with running errands, picking up items for the holiday family meal. An encounter with her guardian angel, was the last thing on her mind on that fateful day.

But if not for that guardian angel on her shoulder, she might not be here today.

This supernatural experience left Tracey certain that she had a guardian angel, looking out for her and protecting her.

Some people call them spirit guides. Some people call them angels. And other people just think the world is filled with too many coincidences to assign meaning. No matter what you believe, this episode is a great one!

Do you believe in Angels? Have you ever had the experience of feeling like you had an Angel on your shoulder?

I’ve known Tracey for almost a decade but I only recently had the privilege of hearing this story. Tracey’s a gifted photographer, and a gifted teacher. Her lessons on ways to “Elevate the Everyday” have become meditations on my own photography practice and also the way that I see the world. It doesn’t surprise me in the least to discover that Tracey has a beautiful guardian angel. She is a beautiful soul herself, through and through.

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