Ghost Cows, Gourmets and Pirates Haunt Here

Season 1 Episode 26

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I’m sitting in The Bekery, in Lake Charles Louisiana, trying not to feel sorry for myself. Bakeries are hard for me. Particularly good bakeries.  The plight of the gluten free traveler. One must smell the cinnamon rolls. Look but don’t touch.

But on this morning I have more than just a fruit cup to console me. I have good coffee, and even better conversation. Adley Cormier, author of Lost Lake Charles is telling tales about the Southwest Louisiana region, and everyone sits rapt, listening.

Adley is a font of historical information. But when he tells a story, it feels more like juicy gossip than a dry history lesson. I cannot resist. I ask him about ghosts and spirits. His wife’s eye’s light up, in that knowing and excited way that tells me this is going to be a good one…

But it would have to wait. Our bakery tour was over and we were off to try some sausages and beer.  Lake Charles has so much to offer the senses.  All of them. I took Adley’s card and was thrilled to reconnect with him for this episode of Supernatural travel tales.

We chatted about Lake Charles history and the city’s most famous ghost – Toni Jo Henry. Toni Jo is one of Lake Charles’ most famous ghosts. She is the only woman in Louisiana to be sentenced to death by electrocution. Some say that she still haunts the courthouse, decades after that sentence was carried out. There is a distinct way that Toni Jo makes her presence known!  We chatted about the visuals and smells that are associated with her ghost.

Turns out, Toni Jo is not the only ghost in town that lets her presence be known with an odor….  Adley shared tales of some other “smelly” spirits.  He also shared the story of the ghost that inhabited his own home, and what his wife did to get this ghost to leave them alone.

And then there are the ghost cows…

Make sure to listen to the entire episode to catch all the stories.

And put Lake Charles Louisiana on your destination list! This city is full of charm and surprises. There are stories around every corner. Residents have an extra helping of hospitality and can’t help but make you feel welcome. Perhaps that’s why some spirits never want to leave!

If you are in Lake Charles, and want to visit the cemetery, you can find maps of where to find the final resting place of some the area’s most illustrious citizens, including Toni Jo Henry.  This past holiday season they created a living museum in the local cemeteries, with actors portraying historical figures, graveside. I will be writing about this in a separate post.

As always, stay tuned to the end of the episode for your travelscope with Stella Fiore. And don’t be a stranger. Find me on Twitter @SupernatTravel or come chat in the Supernatural Travel Facebook group!

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