Mr DeSantis

Season 1 Episode 24

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Today’s episode takes us from Pennsylvania to California and beyond. My guest is artist, healer and creative tour de force, Sandy O Brien. Sandy is a multi talented multipreneur who brings her abundant intuition and creativity to everything she does – whether that is massage therapy, staging events, live painting/art and more. She’s an intuitive artist, healer and one of my favorite people to talk about woo-curious wanderings with.

I’ve known Sandy for a couple of years now, but it was only in this conversation that I learned about some of her most amazing abilities. She’s got the very rare ability to visualize, as well as feel spirits, and as a result, spirits seek her out.  We took some time to chat about a special spirit that lingered in her childhood home. His antics were mostly mischievous and everyone in the family was touched by Mr DeSantis.  

Sandy’s early experiences provided her with an open mind when it comes to spirits and as a result she’s been able to get more out of her travels. Visiting historical sights in particular, is an enriched experience for her. Similar to past empathic guests, she considers the ability to feel the past more of a gift than a curse. We discussed Sandy’s surprising experiences at Fort Mifflin, and aboard the Queen Mary, in particular.  It’s no surprise that her talents run in the family, and she often accompanied her cousin who is a professional ghost hunter, on his expeditions.

One area that Sandy still struggles with, and feels the need to set boundaries around is in her bodywork. As a massage therapist, she has a keen sense of her clients. And this translates into a keen sense of past suffering as well, particularly when visiting certain types of locations…

Sandy’s such a special person and such a creative force. Her tremendous powers of intuition and abilities as an empath are definitely at the core of all that positive energy.

Wondering what the stars have in store for you this coming week? Stay tuned after the conversation, for this week’s travelscope with Stella Campofiore!