Trip of a Lifetime or Blast from Your Past Life?

Supernatural Travel Tales Podcast S1E6


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Ever wonder if your present journey covers the same territory as past life travels? You are not alone.

Deja Vu. Such a little word for such a big all too familiar feeling. It makes us pause, scratch our heads and wonder if we’re reliving a past life.

Maybe we had a premonition. Or a dream. Seriously. What just happened here?

We’ve all felt it before. Deja vu seems to wash over us in waves without warning.  When I get that familiar feeling it’s frustrating to me. It’s a lot like when I open the fridge and forget what I was looking for. It’s on the tip of my tongue… it’s right there… Why can’t I REMEMBER?!  I know I know it.

Sometimes it makes sense. We’ve all stood in front of the fridge trying to remember what we were looking for. Standing in front of the fridge is part of our daily routine. It’s something we’ve done a thousand times. Naturally it feels like we have been here before. We have been here before.

Deja vu is particularly confounding, though, when we travel to new places. This is where we get into potential “past life travels” territory. 

Stepping off the bus in Jerusalem, I felt an instant sense of coming home. It began even before I arrived, driving over the hills, swaying in traffic but imagining myself swaying on the back of some beast, approaching more slowly, with an entirely different view.

From the first time I visited Jerusalem, I inexplicably knew my way around. Never once did I get lost in the labyrinth of the Old City. Even the smells, spices and pine needles, lemon and dust, were like my mother’s perfume. Elementally familiar.  “I’ve been here before” I thought, knowing full well I had not. And, “I’m home.”

Every time I leave Jerusalem, I fight back tears. It’s irrational. It’s ridiculous even. I cannot explain it, or apparently, control it.

There are other places I have felt “at home” in and ironically it doesn’t seem to be directly related to how much I love a place. There are so many places I have loved, while feeling unfamiliar, and places I have hated, that felt like home.  Ancestral places have felt as foreign to me as Asian Islands. Caribbean Islands have felt more like home than the strip mall down the street. As far as I could tell, there was no way to explain it.

Over time I have reached out to other travelers and it seems that everyone has one or two places that call to them, that feel more or less familiar. People who don’t believe in reincarnation have said to me “I swear I must have lived here in a past life…”

Why? Why do we have this feeling? Why are some places more familiar than others?

Is it a trick of the mind that happens when we have read a lot about a certain place? Or watched movies filmed there? Is it a throwback to the smell of cut grass from our youth or an accent reminiscent of a late grandmother?

I was thrilled to have the chance to “talk it out” with Carol Cassara, a hypnotherapist who specializes in past life regressions. I wanted to know if there was anything to that feeling I was having, and whether past lives do influence our travels, or the way we feel when we travel certain places.

You can hear the whole discussion in this episode.