She Had to Pull Over When The Sense Of Death Overwhelmed Her

Supernatural Travel Tales Podcast S1E8


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It was a perfectly sunny day when Katherine and her husband set off on a drive to visit historic Fort Ticonderoga, but somewhere along the way, Katherine started to feel something was very wrong.

She couldn’t quite place the feeling, but it made her uneasy. Incredibly uneasy. Katherine began to panic, and insisted that her husband pull the car over. She had to get out, clear her head, catch her breath.

But when she got out of the car and looked all around it was as if the sunshine shone in another dimension. Not hers. She felt death, cold misery and death all around her.

“Can’t you feel it too?” she asked her husband. But he had no idea what she was talking about.

Frantically, she searched for sign, something, some explanation. Finally several yards away she found a small sign, nailed to a tree.

It explained everything.

Katherine is hardly the first person I have spoken to who has experienced “The Dread”  It’s a name for a feeling that washes over you, inexplicably, in certain locations.

Those who have had this happen know the power of that feeling, and how tangible and overwhelming it can be. It’s as unmistakable as the funk of a skunk’s spray. Minus the explanation of the skunk.

If you’ve never experienced The Dread before, and it’s your first experience, on a sunny day, in an otherwise pleasant location, it can be completely overwhelming. You might wonder if you’ve been drugged, if you are losing your mind, or if you are being somehow strangely punked. You might even tip into a full blown panic attack.

Fortunately for Katherine she was able to keep her wits about her, and make sense of her experience.  She recognized it for what it was – an empathic reaction to a historic site. Whether the experience was conjured by her own mind or driven by spirits almost doesn’t matter.   It happened, and it hit her like a ton of bricks.

Ironically, however, Katherine didn’t regret a thing. At the end of the day, she even wondered whether it might have made her travels more meaningful and more memorable.

This is such  an interesting notion to me. If you are super sensitive and prone to psychic experiences, does this enhance or detract from your travels?

Katherine went on to interview the docents at Fort Ticonderoga and quiz them about the kinds of supernatural phenomena that occur there. Her husband was hoping the docent would say “none” and confirm his suspicion that Katherine was crazy. Unfortunately for him, the docent had a lot more to say on this topic. Katherine was far from alone in her experience of the fort and surrounding areas.

Today – some twenty years later, a quick Google search vindicates her, with pages of entries.Fort Ticonderoga is still listed as a notably haunted place. Consider yourself warned if you dare to visit.

In this episode, I sat down with Katherine to hear more about her visit to Lake George and Fort Ticonderoga, and ponder the creep factor of aging taxidermy as well.