Queen Mary Ghost Gets Shore Leave When it Follows Guests Home

Supernatural Travel Tales S1E14

Has a ghost ever followed you home? That’s exactly what happened to Sheri after she spent the night on the Queen Mary about four years ago.

The Queen Mary is an iconic ship. In her heyday, she was state of the art and a marvel. She was created as the ultimate modern liner. Her job was to ferry passengers across the Atlantic in the lap of luxury. She only did this briefly before the outbreak of World War Two, at which point she was pressed into military service. The Queen Mary was so much faster than other vessels, and could carry so many men, that she offered a huge tactical advantage to the allied forces. After the war she was returned to a passenger ship. The Queen Mary played host to celebrities and society and was celebrated for her opulence.

In the 1970s, when she was retired, she had made the crossing over 2000 times. The city of Long Beach purchased the ship and she remains there still. Today she serves as a hotel and conference center. She is also the host of an annual Halloween horror event “Dark Harbor.”

This year for the first time in over 30 years. you can currently stay in the most haunted room of the boat. If you dare.

Sheri thought it would be fun to spend the night at one of the Queen Mary’s many ghost themed overnights. She went to dinner and on a tour with friends, but they quickly abandoned her in favor of a good night’s sleep. Her night was about to take a strange turn.

In the abandoned changing rooms near the pool, the participants sat patiently, using their phones as recording devices, trying to capture some sound or image that was out of the ordinary.  At one point, Sheri thought she heard a cat. The pool area is famous for being haunted by several ghosts, among them, a little girl and a cat.

As she was sitting, Sheri noticed something on her seat. A small piece of the ship had broken off. Uncharacteristically, she tucked it into her bag. She had no idea about the chain of events she was about to set into motion.

From this moment on, Sheri began to see and hear all sorts of unusual things. And it did not stop when she got home. First Sheri, and then her husband too. He wasn’t a believer in ghosts before their night aboard the Queen Mary, but he sure was afterwards!

In this episode you will hear about what happened to Sheri on the boat, and also what Sheri did to rid herself of the troublesome ghost that followed her home.

Would you be brave enough to spend the night on the Queen Mary? Have you ever inadvertently picked up a hitchhiking spirit and carried them home?  Just curious about what it is like to spend the night on this haunted ship? Then this episode is for you!

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