Supernatural Travel Tales is a Top 50 Paranormal Blog on Feedspot!

I was absolutely thrilled to receive an email the other day letting me know that Supernatural Travel had been added to Feedspot’s list of Top 50 Paranormal Blogs for 2018.

When I first started blogging, I never dreamed I’d be the proud owner of a “paranormal” blog!

Starting this site was a true labor of love. I have always been passionate about travel and for me, travel and the supernatural seem to go hand in hand. People are more open when they travel. Travel allows us to open ourselves to new foods, cultures, languages and experiences. And sometimes even more than that… Travel transforms us to the core, often changing our beliefs about the world, and more.

I noticed amongst my travel friends, the conversations about that one night we spent in a haunted castle, or that unbelievable experience with a shamanic healer, tended to last a little longer and run a little later than other chats. People’s eyes lit up as they recounted and listened to these types of stories.

As travelers we are seekers. We are all looking for what more is out there. It only seems natural that the types of experiences we gravitate towards and want to discuss include those that include the supernatural and paranormal.  It doesn’t matter what you believe. That’s might be your destination, but exploring the possibilities and asking the questions, is the trip. It really is true what they say about the journey being as important and as the destination.

As a seeker and an internet wanderer, you really should check out Feedspot! It’s a wonderful resource for discovering new blogs and podcasts. You can quickly and easily browse content by subject and subscribe to the feeds you are interested in.