Tuned in, Turned Up Empath Travels

Supernatural Travel Tales Podcast S1E9


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Do foodies enjoy dining out more? Do artists get more out of a museum? These are the sort of questions I ask myself when pondering travel for empaths.

Empaths are very sensitive, and many claim to have the ability to clearly sense the energy of accumulated emotions and intentions attached to people, places and even things. While most people sense nothing, or just have a faint read on a room, empaths can be easily overwhelmed by their location, and the energy or “vibes” in a room. These “vibes” linger, not unlike a scent.

The only thing more tricky than having to feel this all the time, is having to explain it to the people you are traveling with.

To make matters even more complicated… The energy that empaths read can come from the living people who occupy the space, or quite possibly, from the dead.

Empaths tend to have more “psychic” experiences, and even those who don’t necessarily believe that they have experienced a supernatural event, tend to describe empathic experiences in similar ways.

Whether or not you believe in this phenomenon, almost doesn’t matter. You may be able to explain away an empathic experience as the result of sensitivity and a vivid imagination. But you cannot discount the effect.  It’s easy to predict how you might feel in a familiar location. Foreign and new locations are a whole other story. And the old saying “You cannot judge a book by its cover” is definitely true in this case. Places that seem like they should be filled with good vibes, can turn out to be filled with negative ones. The cognitive dissonance is at times, horrifying.

This is why, for many empaths, traveling present special challenges. It’s hard to predict what emotions might arise upon visiting locations where terrible tragedies have occurred, and it might be tough to stay in historic hotels where generations have visited and continuously dwelled.

Travel is always an adventure, and not for the meek. You might now know when or what you will eat, or what your sleeping quarters might be like. You will have to cope with unfamiliar sights sounds and languages, and give up some amount of control. For empaths, you can take all that noise and crank it up a notch. Empath travels are tuned in and turned up.

Some of my best friends are also empaths. Takes one to know one!

What amazes me is that most of us wouldn’t trade it. As annoying as it is at times to be super sensitive, it is also wonderful to feel the world as well as see it when we travel. Empathic abilities help you connect with locations, history and people in a way that is personal and profound.

What’s it like to be an empath? Today I discuss some of the crazy tuned in, turned up experiences we’ve had in our travels  with my fellow empath, Amber Katz.

Aside from being an empath, Amber is beautiful inside and out. She is a beauty writer and dishes the best tips on her site Rouge 18 and on Instagram @Rouge_18